Vegas Dave The King Of Futures Shocks The World Once Again. He Predicted The Houston Astros To Win The 2017 World Series At 10-1 Odds While The Rest Of The World Was On The LA Dodgers.

Vegas Dave Is Known As The King Of Futures. His Past Accolades Are

Atlanta Falcons To Win The NFC 10-1 Odds Cashed Out 2,000,000

Denver Broncos To Win The Super Bowl 16-1 Odds Cashed Out 2,300,000

Kansas City Royals To Win The World Series 30-1 Odds Cashed Out 2,500,000

Boston Red Sox To Win The World Series 11-1 Odds Cashed Out 340,000

Baltimore Ravens To Win The Super Bowl 25-1 Odds Cashed Out 200,000

Get Vegas Dave's Super Bowl Winner For Only $199.

Last Year He Predicted The Atlanta Falcons At 75-1 Odds To When No One Else Saw Them Coming . He Put His Players In A No Lose Situation As They Hedged For Guaranteed Money. His Main Future Wager Was The Atlanta Falcons To Win The NFC Where He Cashed Out 2,000,000 

The Year Prior Vegas Dave Predicted The Denver Broncos To Win The Super Bowl At 16-1 Odds And He Cashed Out 2,300,000


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It Does Not Matter If You Live Out Of State Or Out Of The Country The Majority Of My Players Are In This Situation. Google Bookmaker Or 5 Dimes. They Seem To Be The Best Or There Are Many Other Online Books As Well.

This Was A $499 Package Last Year As Everyone Cashed Out Huge On The ATL Falcons To Win The NFC Then Hedged On The Superbowl At A Whopping 75-1 Odds

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